GreenCityZen at Innovative City Nice 2017 show

GreenCityZen and Veolia innovate in the field of smart city, setting up IoT solutions for water management in green spaces.

GreenCityZen will be at Innovative City show in Nice, July 5th 2017.
We will be at the stand Veolia (stand 24).

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With its 22 international delegations representing the 5 continents, Innovative City is the true crossroads for the stakeholders in the development of innovative territories.

More than 3,372 participants took part in 2016. Innovative City is the meeting place for communicating skills and knowledge, sharing ideas and results, asking questions and providing answers, presenting technological solutions and services, As well as new modes of production.

Innovative City confirms its quality of university and laboratory of ideas to build our urban environments.

«  Where innovation means new models »
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About Greencityzen:

GreenCityZen is a greentech pioneer in the industrial Internet of things (IoT) for industry and smart city. The HummBox is a continuous measurement solution for the monitoring of environmental data: from the sensor to the dashboard. Low energy devices, fast deployment and interoperabilty are strong assets to bring immediate benefits such as reduced costs of field trips, improved process performance and help to enrich service offerings.