Better indoor air quality improves performance

Eating healthy, well hydrating and practicing sports are part of a healthy lifestyle.

But breathing is not yet a part of these good habits. Even if we recognise the adverse effects of pollution on our physical health (eg the introduction of alternate traffic circulation), we underestimate the consequences of air quality.

Indeed, we spend most of our time in our office. If the air we breathe is not good for our health, the consequences are heavy.

The « Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation »study conducted by « World Green Building Council, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices » demonstrated that improving IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) increases cognitive performance (10 %) and reduce absenteeism (30%) of employees.


Therefore it is essential for companies to use this parameter as a performance factor.

One2Team understood this. Startup concerned with well-being at work, One2Team has deployed HummBox Air Indoor in open spaces, offices, meeting rooms, … to ensure that its employees have a healthy air.

The HummBox Air Indoor, directly connected to Internet, can measure temperature, humidity and CO2 average.

The mobile application allowed C2S Analyses, an air quality analysis specialist, to identify the conditions at risk, to implement an improvement plan and to measure the impact.

The HummBox is very easy to deploy (no need for sockets, wifi, …). The data are immediatly put into a simple interface. With indicators & KPIs really adapted to the overview of multi buildings, we remain focused on the diagnosis and recommendations.  »Sylvain Marteix, air quality expert at C2S analyzes

The improvement of air quality through simple improvement actions allows all employees to work under better conditions by being more efficient. 

Teams readily felt the benefits of improving indoor air quality. They are now very attentive to this. The alerts warn them when the CO2 concentration is abnormal, then the employees can take the necessary measures. .Pierre Milet, Chief executive One2Team


About C2S :

C2S, a provider of environmental and product analysis services, has been conducting indoor air quality diagnostics since 10 years. Based on this experience, we have developed a full IAQ diagnostics service. Our investigations are based on relevant measurements of pollutants (sensor mapping, continuous monitoring via connected tags, laboratory analyzes) with adapted recommendations. Accredited COFRAC for the regulatory oversight of IAQ in the ERP, we also make a point to raise awareness and train the operators and occupants of the investigated buildings in order to establish with them a sustainable management of the IAQ.

About Greencityzen:

GreenCityZen is a greentech pioneer in the industrial Internet of things (IoT) for industry and smart city. The HummBox is a continuous measurement solution for the monitoring of environmental data: from the sensor to the dashboard. Low energy devices, fast deployment and interoperabilty are strong assets to bring immediate benefits such as reduced costs of field trips, improved process performance and help to enrich service offerings.