A new IoT framework for connecting the vast majority of data sources

The significant development of the Internet Of Things (IoT) is accompanied with the development of equipment manufacturers, Internet service providers and application developers.

Industrial IoT offers a lot of opportunities which are restricted by lack of interoperability (no uniform standards yet), especially regarding connection process with middleware*

Kim Hung from GreenCityZen, Soumya Kanti Datta and Christian Bonnet from Eurecom create a novel Industrial IoT framework which copes to the limitations of current platforms. Their framework have :

  • a fast connector generator
  • a connector management (creating, modifying, deleting, activating de-activating a connector)
  • support scalability and low memory consumption.

Thus, it allows to interoperate by one click with the vast majority of the data sources available in the world:

  • radio access acquisition (Sigfox, Lora)
  • external webservices (weather forecast, …)
  • customer IT data connector

And it’s no longer necessary to have programming skills to use such a framework.


*(software system implemented as a middle layer between device and application layer to cover the heterogeneous things and low-level communication between IoT devices and end-user applications).

About Greencityzen:

GreenCityZen is a greentech pioneer in the industrial Internet of things (IoT) for industry and smart city. The HummBox is a continuous measurement solution for the monitoring of environmental data: from the sensor to the dashboard. Low energy devices, fast deployment and interoperabilty are strong assets to bring immediate benefits such as reduced costs of field trips, improved process performance and help to enrich service offerings.