Solutions for data driven operations of water networks


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IoT solutions bringing valuable knowledge to …






Rain network monitoring

Connected rain network to reduce waste discharge into the environment and operate in a low-carbon manner

Connected rain network to detect waste – SERAMM / SUEZ case

Hummbox solutions is deployed in Marseille with SERAMM

SERAMM has deployed more than 5,000 connected level sensors in sensitive storm drains (entry points into the rainwater network) in the city of Marseille.
These sensors detect waste level of the gullies in real time, to alert teams in charge of the cleaning. They can operate at the right place, at the right time and with the relevant machine. This is a real productivity boost for a city with more than 10,000 drains.

Marseille, a smart and sustainable city

“3 benefits beyond productivity gains:

1. Protecting water quality by avoiding the discharge of macro waste into the sea, transported by rainfall

2. Improve air quality by reducing non-productive travels, for decarbonized operations

3… “

Manuel Nivet – General Manager SERAMM


Sewer network monitoring & H2S nuisance

Monitoring of gravity networks, vacuum networks & H2S nuisance in wastewater treatment plants and networks

Sewer network monitoring

Gravity networks or vacuum networks



Gravity network

  • Monitoring of black spots to avoid overflow & reduce cost of emergency field intervention
  • Sectorise parasitic inputs

Vacuum network

  • Reduce operating costs of vaccum networks
  • Identify valve issues
  • Save time of investigation
  • Better understand network behaviour

H2S monitoring

Monitoring of odor nuisance of H2S



  • Reduce odor nuisance nearby combined sewer network and water treatment plant
  • Preserve the network
  • Reduce treatment costs

Secure access to drinking water to vulnerable people

SDG 6.1 (Sustainable Developpement Goals) - United nations

Water supply in Cambodia rural zones

Remote supervision of water Kiosks

1001 fontaines deployed over 300 water kiosks in Cambodia. Over the last 15 years, 1001 fontaines has built evidence of their model’s sustainability and impact, leveraging safe drinking water to improve the lives of vulnerable populations.

Greencityzen is empowering 1001 fontaines operations teams with IoT solution to perform remote supervision. The aim is to :

  • Perform maintenance at the appropriate time
  • Improve kiosk availability & volume produced
  • Secure water quality

for a long-term contribution to United Nation SDG 6.1 (Sustainable Development Goals)

Irrigation of public green spaces

Smart watering : the irrigation of the smart and sustainable city

visit our dedicated web site of smart watering

Smart Watering in Firenze (Italy)

Reduce water consumption et field trips

The city of Firenze (Tuscany, Italy) deployed a complete smart watering system for green spaces. This Smart City project was installed with AXIANS.

The Smart Watering solution has been installed in two of the city’s gardens in december 2018, More details here.

In the first year, the City saved 35% of water and reduced gardener’s trips.



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