The IoT and smart cities: sustainability, efficiency and participation

Smart cities rely on new information and communication technologies to develop cities that are sustainable, more efficient and participatory (pollution management, water consumption, etc.).

Indeed, cities are facing increasing budgetary restrictions. In addition to this, global warming and the scarcity of resources: cities are increasingly concerned about the environment.

The technological evolution, espacially the Internet of the Objects and the Big Data make it possible to meet these challenges.

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“Collecting data is well, exploiting them is better” : beyond data collected by sensors, it is essential to have an interoperable platform is essential to value the data.
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About Greencityzen:

GreenCityZen is a greentech pioneer in the industrial Internet of things (IoT) for industry and smart city. The HummBox is a continuous measurement solution for the monitoring of environmental data: from the sensor to the dashboard. Low energy devices, fast deployment and interoperabilty are strong assets to bring immediate benefits such as reduced costs of field trips, improved process performance and help to enrich service offerings.

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