Water treatment products tanks are wide spreaded and delivered in small quantities. Thus the margin can be really impacted by operational issues :

  • Dry run on a planned delivery, but the tank is not empty enough to filled
  • Emergency deliveries occuring long distance course that will reduce the number of delivery per day

All these fields trips reducing the daily revenue, whereas the logitic cost is still the same. The quality of service is also affected by out of stock tanks and CO2 foot print is now introduced as a selection criteria in call for tenders.


A HummBox level ultrasonic, protected against chemical vapors corrosion, is mounted on the top of each chemical tank.

The platform is providing volume calculation, tank autonomy and prediction.

The web application is providing dashboard, maps and alerts for delivery trip optimization.

The solution easily fits any king of tank shape, multi product delivery and multi zone team organization.

Key benefits

  • Reduce logistic costs from 23%
  • Eliminate extra costs of dry run and emergency deliveries
  • Improve quality of service by avoiding out of stock
  • Reduce environmental footprint