Platform and Apps

Designed for shaping better decision

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Dashboard & KPI

Dashboard & KPI allow to quickly shape the best decision.

  • Interactive charts with multiple series display (hide series…)
  • Zoomable timeline charts
  • DataViz
  • KPIs are adapted to the solution and the use case:

For example

  • Tank Monitoring: Autonomy prediction, Actual stock, Possible partial loading, …
  • Air monitoring: CO2 average working hours, Over threshold CO2 percentage, Air temperature & moisture, …
  • Vegetation monitoring: Soil temperature and moisture, Air temperature and humidity, Watering autonomy, CO2 (Greenhouse monitoring), …

Maps & Alert


Maps provides a comprehensive overview of the sensor fleet with:

  • Multi level alert map
  • Prediction display for round trip optimization


Smart alerting for efficient field dispatching:

  • SMS / E-mail alert
  • External IT interop for fieldwork order generation
  • Threshold management per device

Device management

Device management is key for an industrial solution and sustainable value.


  • Device configuration
  • Device inventory
  • Alert management
  • Over cloud calibration
  • Access right management
  • Device issue diagnostic

Platform & Saas


  • Data cleaning process
  • Data shaping (transformation process from measure to business valuable data)
  • Data aggregation
  • Business rules for alerting process
  • Predictive analysis


  • Multi service connector

Software as “a service”:

  • Availability SLA
  • Platform administration
  • Database redundancy
  • Scalability
  • Server monitoring 24/7 : availability and response time
  • New features included
  • Maintenance and support